Stefanie Kicherer

… is a cultural anthropologist at the University of Tübingen.

For her dissertation dealing with local discourses on socio-cultural change, she has been conducting field research in the Upper Bartang Valley for about 20 months. During this time, she has been living with local families and has learned the local Pamiri idiom Roshorvi. Having a good knowledge of the place and having been accepted into the local community, she is an ideal mediator in this project. She regards her “lobbying” for the Bartangi as a good opportunity to give these people something in return for the invaluable hospitality and cooperativeness they have rendered to her. Furthermore, with this project she wants to prevent her ethnography from becoming a mere history book after only five years….

Pamir-Hilfe e.V.


…is a registered association which is located in Berchtesgaden / Southern Germany and has been founded by a group of Pamir enthusiasts. This fundraising campaign is organized and coordinated by this association. Pamir-Hilfe (translated: “Pamir help”) has already successfully accomplished several projects: They have equipped the hospital in Basid (Middle Bartang) with material and several technical devices. By installing secured rock climbing routes, they are encouraging alpinism in the region. Furthermore, Pamir-Hilfe has substantially contributed to the crowdfunding campaign for a new hydropower station in the village of Basid, for which our friends of the Swiss Association “Pamir Link e.V.” had called.

For further information on Pamir-Hilfe (in German), see here.

Pamir Energy

… is the first and largest private enterprise in the energy sector in the Tajik Pamirs. It has been initated by the (secular) Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development and the International Finance Cooperation (for more info, see here). In the Bartang Valley Pamir Energy runs already several small Hydropower Stations and supplies several villages with electricity for an affordable price. Pamir Energy is our local project partner who will be entrusted with the technical implementation and later maintenance of the hydropower station


If you would also like to contribute to the future of Bartang, look here how you can help.